Device Distorts News At Wi-Fi Hotspots

Device Distorts News At Wi-Fi Hotspots

Hertzian hacktivist art technology shines light on media manipulation at an unlikely source.

Stephen Fortune
  • 11 january 2011

The Black Hat News Network has engineered a hardware hack that permits media manipulation at the point least expected: the point of reception. The innocuous looking device can be plugged into a wall socket and is designed to exploit Wi-Fi hotspots. Once it has the wireless network password the Linux software in the mechanism hijacks the Wi-Fi router and deceives any smartphone or laptop that connects to the network.

Anyone who connects to the Wi-Fi hotspot will have their Internet traffic commandeered by the Newstweek Device.

(the victim computer) can be tricked to believe it is conversing with the router -and vice versa- when in fact all traffic is passing through the rogue device. The rogue device becomes the puppet master of the local network, able to intercept and modify all content
As demonstrated in the video below this means that anyone who connects to the Wi-Fi hotspot can have the content of their web browsing rearranged by the hacker who is operating via remote control. Such an intervention poses interesting questions around the future receipt of content at a time when net neutrality is an inflamed issue.

Newstweek: news modification demonstration from newstweek on Vimeo.

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