Duane Reade Localizes Product Offering With Beer

Duane Reade Localizes Product Offering With Beer

The drug store chain rolls out a variety of customized offerings to connect with local communities.

Kat Popiel
  • 17 january 2011

Duane Reade, one of America’s biggest retailers with over 250 stores nationwide,  has gone local by setting themselves apart from their neighboring competitors in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  They are offering what every hipster in the vicinity requires and desires – beer.

Providing up to 8 different varieties on tap, brew experts are on hand to sell a range of local, craft and imported beers. Inspired by the mushrooming of local brewery brands, they have adopted the 19h century tradition of filling up growlers with refills at a cost of $7.99 for a 64 ounce bottle thus also appealing to environmentally conscious residents. In an area with a diverse sociological make up of young students, struggling creatives and young professionals this seems to serve a basic need for convenience with an attractive price point.

Other initiatives by Duane Reade to remain culturally relevant to the neighborhoods they envelope has been – cut flowers in Midtown East, increased stocking of Hispanic food brand Goya to the Bronx community and shelves dedicated solely to African American hair products in Harlem.

Whilst most residents in and around the Bedford Avenue area have remained dedicated to supporting independent owned Kings Pharmacy across the road, sadly the sweet smell of alcoholic nectar might be all that’s needed to change course for the rest.

[via NYTimes]

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