Ed Cotton: Will Agencies And Publishers Miss Out When Brands Become Media?

Ed Cotton: Will Agencies And Publishers Miss Out When Brands Become Media?

The long-term trend for brands to become media is now very much a reality. Publishers and agencies need to work out what role they are going to play in this new future.

Ed Cotton, BSSP
  • 20 january 2011

David Carr’s recent story in the NYT about Richemont’s purchase of Net-a-Porter highlights the desire of fashion brands to become publishers in their own right.

For fashion publishers and the agencies involved in creating advertising for these brands, this presents something of challenge. The brands seem to believe that they are better off creating and controlling their own media, image and content, than leaving it to others.

It makes sense that the fashion business is the first to jump into this space. It’s a highly creative business where image is everything and the brands have strong relationships with their consumers. The other advantage they have is that they often create their own media in the form of fashion shows. A vital piece of content that has appeal to a broader audience.

In a sense, fashion brands have always been media companies and the digital platform has allowed them to take more control and to structure their content in an organized way.

What does this mean for other brands?

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Ed Cotton is the Director of Strategy at BSSP, and is curious about all things relating to brands, marketing and culture. Read more at influx insights

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