Electronic Cereal Boxes Light Up To Attract Shoppers’ Attention

Electronic Cereal Boxes Light Up To Attract Shoppers’ Attention

An intelligent wireless power system allows for inventory control and creative package design.

Michael Ellenbogen
  • 26 january 2011

At CES this year, eCoupled displayed a flashy new electronic medium for the grocery aisle. CalorieLab explains:

The flexible eCoupled wireless coils can be applied onto packaging during the printing process, resulting in light-up elements on the front of, say, a cereal box. The packaging is charged through wireless power coils located directly on the store shelves.

The intelligent wireless power isn’t just for marketing purposes, however; it can also be used for inventory control at home and at the warehouse, autonomous ordering and conveying a product’s expiration date with alerts. This information can also sync with smartphones, computers and intelligent eCoupled kitchens.

Watch a video demo below:

CalorieLab: “Light-Up Cereal Boxes & Self-Cooking Soup: Fulton Innovation and eCoupled CES 2011 Demo Shows Off Intelligent Food Packaging”

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