Future of Mobile Tagging: Behind The Scenes

Future of Mobile Tagging: Behind The Scenes

In this extract from PSFK's latest report, we describe how mobile tags can be used to make hidden content available.

Nate Graham
  • 11 january 2011

Mobile tags are acting as the gateway for behind-the-scenes experiences and content. These links provide additional information about physical objects, and allow content that is otherwise undeliverable in a public space to live on a personal screen instead.


  • By scanning mobile tags, customers can be shown stories about how products are made from material sourcing to production processes, adding value to the final purchase.
  • For retail store openings, real estate and new building development, people can be given glimpses into construction progress, and tours of what the interior spaces will look like.
  • Mobile tags related to large events like concerts and festivals can resolve to interactive maps and guides, providing visitors with information about what to expect before they attend.

Supporting Examples for Behind the Scenes

Observe Buildings in Development During Construction

Parts of the Gatwick Airport in London are under redevelopment, potentially creating some inconvenience for travellers. Airport management is attempting to alleviate the situation by providing information about the project to visitors. People can scan codes placed around the airport that deliver a guided tour of areas under construction through maps and video.

Custom Code Gives Insider View of Homes for Sale

Windermere is a real estate group that uses Microsoft Tags to provide more information about properties for sale. When a prospective buyer scans a mobile tag placed on a property’s ‘For Sale’ sign or a realtor’s print collateral, they are led to an inside tour of the particular home including additional imagery, pricing and access to contact information.

Newspaper Delivers Course Experience Prior to the Race

In October 2010, the New York Daily News used Microsoft Tags throughout the newspaper to add additional information to their coverage of the 40th New York City Marathon. Readers who scanned the tag before the race were able to see maps of the course, as well as a video showing it from a runner’s perspective.

Restaurants Reveal Menu Preparation

Mesob, a New Jersey-based Ethiopian restaurant, has placed QR codes on their tables that take diners to instructional videos when scanned. In addition to detailing the production of the restaurant’s coffee, the videos show customers how the restaurant makes Injera, a traditional Ethiopian bread that is used instead of cutlery for eating. The additional information prepares people for the dining experience, while also offering cultural insight into the country’s practices.

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