Future of Mobile Tagging: Feedback Loop

Future of Mobile Tagging: Feedback Loop

In this extract from PSFK's latest report, we describe how mobile tags can be used to share recommendations with others.

Nate Graham
  • 13 january 2011

By acting as a vehicle through which consumers can quickly share thoughts with brands, friends, and others, mobile tags are emerging as a platform for feedback. Tags can initiate the customer review process, and can trigger recommendations within the customers’ social networks.


  • Mobile tags can provide a quick way for people to share products, services or events with their friends on popular social networks like Facebook and Twitter.
  • Whether related to products, services or events, mobile tags can provide a channel that takes people to sites where they can leave more personal reviews about their experiences.
  • During campaigns and events, tag scans can enable customers to get involved and voice their opinions through simple voting systems or polls.

Supporting Examples for Feedback Loop

Scan Code to Facebook Like Physical Items

A new service called Likify, created by Belgian company Boondoggle Lifelabs, allows marketers to add mobile tags to products and signage. When people scan a QR code with their cell phone, it triggers a Facebook ‘like’ on the associated brand’s Facebook page. Nike has been using the codes in Belgium in a campaign to promote their shoes by getting people to “like” different jogging routes.

Loyalty Measurement System with Mobile Tags

Recommendi is a customer survey system for businesses. Business owners place mobile tags in locations where shoppers will easily encounter them, such as dining tables, shop windows and receipts. Scanning these tags links the customer to a questionnaire that will collect their feedback and provide discounts in return.

Scan to Leave Product Reviews

Consumer research consultancy EveryDay Lives is developing a prototype application that will use mobile tags to capture customer feedback at the point of purchase. Barcodes or mobile tags attached to products will resolve to a consumer survey feedback page which, when scanned, will deliver coupons or reward points in exchange for thoughts on the product or service experience.

Vote on Artists Through Codes Placed Next to Artwork

The Art Loop Open at Block 37 in Chicago incorporated Microsoft Tags into a recent group show to create an interactive experience for visitors. Each piece of artwork featured in the exhibition included a Microsoft Tag next to it that enabled attendees to vote for the artist whom they felt should win the gallery competition. The tags also allowed viewers to access additional information about the art piece along with the artist’s bio.

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