Future Of Mobile Tagging: Instant Lottery

Future Of Mobile Tagging: Instant Lottery

In this extract from PSFK's latest report, we describe how mobile tags can be used to enable rapid entry into contests and competitions.

Nate Graham
  • 10 january 2011

The organizers behind promotional competitions are leveraging mobile tags as a platform for instant entry into contests. With the ability to quickly access information through a personal phone, people are able to enter contests with less friction around signup and registration.


  • Turns static media into a “live” experience where the shopper may win instant prizes.
  • Information like location and contact details can be easily captured from the phone, making it a one-click, opt-in process to enter sweepstakes.
  • Promotions that can be updated through mobile tags give print media a longer shelf life.
  • Downloadable content including contest details can be shared among friends.

Supporting Examples for Instant Lottery

Beauty Product Giveaway

For the August 2010 issue of Allure Magazine, readers were given a total of $725,000 in free beauty products through a series of mini-sweepstakes. Readers who had signed up for the US fashion publication’s contests were notified by text message 15 minutes before new giveaways were about to take place. At this point, they opened the magazine and entered by simply scanning a Microsoft Tag on a specified page. The use of mobile tags reportedly attributed to a 28% increase in entries over the previous year’s issue.

Point of Sale Contest

When Wilkinson Sword launched their new Hydro Razor 5 in the UK, they featured mobile tags alongside the retail product displays. By scanning a QR code on a POS promotional flyer, shoppers were able to visit a site where they could view videos highlighting the razor’s new features and enter a competition.

Scan Enters Fans Into Ticket Giveaway

Independent record label Fearless Records published Microsoft Tags to help fans win tickets for their bands’ shows. Printed fliers and websites advertising upcoming shows invited fans to scan the tags to receive a free track download and also get entered into a drawing for tickets.

Turning Product Barcode Scans Into Rewards

To promote their newly launched fair trade ice cream, Ben & Jerry’s partnered with Stickybits in November 2010 to reward the first 500 users to scan the new flavors. Upon scanning, consumers had the chance to win free Ben & Jerry’s products, and were able to win a branded T-shirt after scanning two separate pints.

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