Future of Mobile Tagging: Mobile How-to

Future of Mobile Tagging: Mobile How-to

In this extract from PSFK's latest report, we describe how mobile tags can be used to deliver detailed instructions when they are needed most.

Nate Graham
  • 13 january 2011

Instructional information is being encoded into mobile tags that helps people better understand products and services. This can take the form of visual how-to content, or suggestions and recommendations for better use.


  • Attaching mobile tags that contain information about optimal product usage to packaging can offer customers advice on ways to best enjoy a product or service.
  • By making how-tos and usage instructions accessible through simple tag scans, brands can empower their customers to feel more confident about their purchase and ensure optimized ownership.
  • Mobile tags that resolve to troubleshooting guides can cut down on the need for customer service calls, helping people have an ideal brand experience even after purchase.

Supporting Examples for Mobile How-to

Furniture Assembled with Help from Instructional Video

In an effort to make the furniture assembling process more intuitive, how-to video network Howcast illustrated how barcodes on furniture pieces could be linked to video with clear instructions guiding consumers through a step-by-step process. Created as a pitch to IKEA, the video demonstrates how this technology could be leveraged not only to improve consumer satisfaction, but to help cut down on customer support costs as well.

Recipes and Preparation Instructions Delivered on Food Packaging

Mobile marketing agency created a campaign for Eurofood’s KV Nordic smoked salmon packaging that connected customers with exclusive mobile content after scanning a Microsoft Tag included on the packaging. The mobile product site contained smoked salmon recipes from two famous Italian chefs that helped people understand how to best cook with the product.

Physical Skills Demonstrated by Video Through Instructional Posters

The sports program coordinator for Youth Fusion Quebec has produced a series of QR Code Skill Posters to help demonstrate proper volleyball techniques. When scanned by people working out at a gym, the mobile tags resolve to brief YouTube videos of the skill being demonstrated, helping people connect instruction with action.

Fitness Equipment with a Trainer Built in

Playworld Systems, a leading manufacturer of imaginative outdoor playground and fitness equipment, has introduced Microsoft Tag technology into its ENERGI Total Body Fitness System. Users interested in completing the guided workout scan the Tags placed on equipment, allowing them to access video demos to ensure they exercise safely and with the proper form.

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