Future of Mobile Tagging: Product Preview

Future of Mobile Tagging: Product Preview

In this extract from PSFK's latest report, we describe how mobile tags can be used to give consumers a sneak peek while with the product.

Nate Graham
  • 11 january 2011

Mobile tags can give people the information they need to make decisions about products they are considering. With additional technical information, people can understand how products will fit their wants and needs and they can also understand what to expect from an experience before they commit to making the purchase.


  • Scanning can direct shoppers to product specifications that provide them with a deeper understanding of potential benefits.
  • Mobile tags can be linked to product reviews and side-by-side comparisons to help influence a customer’s decisions
  • For customizable products such as automobiles, shoppers can be connected to a site that enables them to add or subtract options, allowing them to see how their selections influence price and/or design.

Supporting Examples for Product Preview

Learning about Natural Beef before Purchase

Meyer Natural Beef produces meat without additional hormones or antibiotics, selling to consumers who are highly interested in knowing how their food is sourced and about the farms that produce it. By scanning a Microsoft Tag on the packaging, shoppers can capture in-depth information about these practices while they’re standing in the grocery aisle.

Scan for Products that Match Healthy Diets

Shopwell is a platform that helps people manage their diet and nutrition needs. Users build an online profile noting information such as gender, age and goals, which the service uses to offer personalized food shopping advice. When visiting retail locations, shoppers can scan product barcodes through the Shopwell mobile app, instantly pulling up highlighted ingredients and nutrition labels. It will also tap into a user’s dashboard in order to generate customized food scores and provide suggested alternatives.

Wine Bottles with Tasting Notes from the Proprietor

California’s wine focused marketing group, Sevencamp, is aiming to standardize the use of mobile tags on wine bottles through their offshoot QR4Wine. When the bottles’ labels are scanned, wine tasting notes and extensive information about the vineyard are provided.

Giving Real-Life Objects a Digital Memory

Tales of Things is a collaborative project that makes it easy for people to add digital memories to any physical object by attaching a QR code. The codes are associated with online video, audio or text that tells the ‘tale’ of that object. The idea behind the project is that the addition of narrative creates a deeper connection between people and their physical objects.

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