Innovative Graphic Design Work From The London College of Communication

Innovative Graphic Design Work From The London College of Communication

This past December, ARTS THREAD visited the MA Graphic Design show at LCC at its Elephant & Castle site.

Dan Gould
  • 3 january 2011

MA Graphic Design, LCC

This December ARTS THREAD visited the MA Graphic Design show at LCC at its Elephant & Castle site.

Jun Liu, LCC

Jun Liu’s project is based around the theme of using letterpress in a contemporary context and she has used the Nintendo best-selling video game Super Mario Bros. as a subject – using her own hand-made letter ‘blocks’ to make up the pixel-based character and type into colour letterpress prints. The prints were for sale at the show.

Jun Liu, LCC

Sergio Garcia’s work has the title Hypertext in the analog context of the book and explores how the system’s nonlinear way of reading that branches the text and allows the reader different pathways can be adapted to a book format. Sergio’s book sees how far these hypertextual elements can work in printed form.

Sergio was also one of a team of four who created the MA Graphic Design show catalogue, printed by London co-operative Calverts on 100% recycled paper and using vegetable oil based inks.

Hypertext in the analog context of the book, Sergio Garcia

Georgia Evagorou’s project is entitled Representing Cypriot Identity and examines the issues of Cypriot Greek, which has a distinct dialect separate from standard Greek. ‘As the Greek alphabet fails to represent all of the sounds in the Cypriot dialect, this project suggests a phonetically more adequate spelling system of the Cypriot dialect through the design of seven additional glyphs that will give to Cypriots a better script to express their language and their identity more efficiently.’

Representing Cypriot Identity, Georgia Evagorou

Borna Izadpanah has created an elegant bilingual typeface called Borzoo, that works across latin and farsi.

Borzoo, Borna Izadpanah

The Hybrid City by Matthieu Regout is a new visual identity for Brussels, based on a series of rules determined by the mix of cultures within the city, based around three colours.

The Hybrid City, Matthieu Regout

Rengina Souli’s Orchestra notation is aimed at classical music and ‘uses information design principles in order to provide an additional interpretation to the listener. The aim of the notation is to appreciate the music structure. It also describes music elements of the orchestra, such as pitch, time duration, instrumentation and dynamics of volume.’

Orchestra notation, Rengina Souli

Brian Curley’s Interactive Design Workshop came complete in a slick yellow, black and white box and is ‘a graphic design project devoted to the theory, execution and enjoyment of design education’. This particular workshop is based around how to communicate your design work and ideas to a client.

Interactive Design Workshop, Brian Curley; Object Narrative, Hsi-Ting Yang

Object Narrative by Hsi-Ting Yang looks at communication through using objects rather than words. Hsi-Ting’s book tells a story three ways – in line drawings, photographs and also in words.

Generations of Winter, Polina Pakhomova

Polina Pakhomova’s Generations of Winter is a new visual interpretation of the historical novel Generations of Winters written in the 1990s by Russian writer Vasily Aksyonov. Stalin’s repression and The Great Terror is the main theme of Polina’s work which sets out portraits with names and dates of 500 people who died through The Great Terror.

MA Graphic Design LCC
Jun Liu
Sergio Garcia
Borna Izadpanah
Matthieu Regout
Brian Curley

Originally published on the ArtsThread blog. Republished with kind permission.

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