John Puterbaugh Explains Why Microsoft Tag Is A Valuable Marketing Tool

John Puterbaugh Explains Why Microsoft Tag Is A Valuable Marketing Tool

In this extract from PSFK's Future Of Mobile Tagging Report, the CEO of mobile consultancy Nellymoser gives his advice on the use of mobile tags.

Kyle Studstill
  • 14 january 2011

John has more than 20 years of experience in creating and developing interactive rich media solutions for IP networks, mobile phones and other consumer products. He is the founder & CEO of Nellymoser. Nellymoser is an industry leader in delivering turn-key interactive video, mobile commerce and rich media marketing campaigns to mobile phone users. Customers include Amazon, Target, AT&T, Verizon, San Disk, Adobe, Hearst and Conde Nast. Nellymoser’s technology can be found in over 1 billion consumer products including Microsoft Xbox / Xbox 360, Sony Playstation & Leapfrog’s Leapster game titles and Adobe’s Flash.

  • Mobile scanning has the ability to provide a truly integrated digital experience to consumers. A simple scan of a mobile tag can deliver rapid information that’s both dynamic and real-time. Because of this, the addition of mobile tags has revitalized traditional categories such as print, out-of-home and event‑based marketing.
  • The themes that have emerged around mobile tagging have developed along four key uses: scan and view (video), scan and listen (music), scan and win, and scan and buy. The last two have developed most recently because of the ability to keep track of users after the first engagement­—people only have to enter their information once.
  • Mobile scanning effectively removes friction from the discovery and information gathering process because consumers no longer have to type a URL into their mobile or PC browser.
  • What agencies really need to think about is the form of the mobile engagement and the value that it’s going to bring to the consumer. I think there’s a tremendous opportunity if you build some trust and add value in the process. If you can scan and actually make purchases right out of the catalog or scan and buy right out of an ad, that’s adding value.
  • The great thing about using something like a Microsoft Tag is that it allows an agency to streamline their process. They can print the tags ahead of time and have them direct to a URL, allowing them to do their physical print production like an advertisement, in parallel and almost independently of their mobile engagement. Then their mobile engagement can focus on really considering their audience.
  • When someone actually performs a mobile scan, the intent is at a higher level of engagement than just going to a website. The fact that someone took out a phone and scanned in a print ad or other format needs to be recognized as a very high level of engagement and valued by marketers accordingly.
  • Mobile tags allow for a new kind of digital metric and increased measurability for out-of-home and magazines. The metrics that come along with tags allow for unique device IDs, along with video view times, which both represent much more accurate and detailed reporting than is the norm for the industry.
  • It’s assumed that formats that don’t require a download will have higher response rates; the misconception is that formats without downloads will have a larger user base. Nellymoser’s campaign results indicate that this actually isn’t a factor; the download process on most smartphones is streamlined enough to still allow for quicker access to content by scanning than a user would get by typing information into a browser.


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