Marty Yaskowich Talks About Creating Customer Experiences Through Mobile Tagging

Marty Yaskowich Talks About Creating Customer Experiences Through Mobile Tagging

In this extract from PSFK's Future Of Mobile Tagging Report, the managing director of Tribal DDB Vancouver gives his advice on the use of mobile tags.

Kyle Studstill
  • 11 january 2011

Marty Yaskowich is the managing director of Tribal DDB Vancouver. Marty is an accomplished strategist and integrated marketer with experience leading some of Canada’s marketing powerhouses and the world’s largest brands. Through his role with Tribal DDB Vancouver, Marty has overseen the work done around using mobile tags to inspire tourists to visit  Canadian destinations.

  • As the market matures and evolves, digital becomes a more and more important piece for brands who want to create an immersive, entertaining, and shareable experience for their customers.
  • Mobile tags are a useful tool for transferring a consumer from a somewhat static two‑dimensional communication piece, like print, into a very rich experiential piece.
  • Video allows people to dive deep into experiential content. Something like tourism marketing tends to be all things to everyone, so it’s much more powerful to show those experiences than simply tell somebody about them.
  • The storytelling ability that we have today is so much more advanced than it was even five or ten years ago, because of the ability to quickly link people to this content.
  • When including mobile tags in any marketing message, not only does the content have to be very high‑value, but the setup for the content also really has to sell consumers on the notion that participating in the experience is something they really want to do.
  • The best examples of using mobile tags we’ve seen combine a physical space along with information regarding where that person is. People are now able to get a deeper experience because they are able to interact with content through both the mobile device and the scannable tag.

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