In this extract from PSFK's Future Of Mobile Tagging Report, an agency founder gives his advice on the use of mobile tags.

Michael Ferrare is the founder of Agency Magma, a creative content agency that helps brands explore new and innovative marketing approaches. The agency is made up of young creatives with expertise in emerging media. Specializing in premium brands and interactive experiences, Ferrare is formerly of Crispin, Porter + Bogusky, where he executed integrated creative work for Virgin Atlantic, Method Home, MINI, Burger King, Borders, and Volkswagen.

Mobile tags like QR codes are an emerging technology that people are definitely going to use because it’s a really efficient means of accessing information. Right now mobile tags are best used for allowing people to initiate a process, rather than to just deliver a coupon or content. Every ad today can have some type of mobile tag in the corner that makes transactions easy for consumers. The general concept of scanning an advertisement to connect with a brand allows for a new path to the consumer, with potentially new experiences. With that, comes an opportunity to create original, and uniquely memorable consumer content that offers more than just coupons. When people have the opportunity to more easily capture information, and they can intuitively understand how they are supposed to use it, they want to bring their friends in to have the same experience. Tags allow for a new strategy of creating content around specific events and locations to complement print media. The key idea is to use the mobile device to unlock digital content from something in a physical space. Great tag design makes dealing with change easier—most mobile tags are unmemorable and similar; it’s surprising that in a branded world, everyone is using basically the same image. Brands need to differentiate themselves based on thoughtful use of design.

Agency Magma

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