Microsoft Presents: How To Mobile Tag

Microsoft Presents: How To Mobile Tag

As part of our Future of Mobile Tagging report, Microsoft explains the benefits, uses and measurement tools of the Microsoft Tag mobile tag format.

Kyle Studstill
  • 19 january 2011

Included within the PSFK Future of Mobile Tagging report is a PSFK guide sponsored by Microsoft that explains the benefits, uses and measurement tools of the Microsoft Tag mobile tagging platform. Today, businesses can innovate by integrating mobile tags into their marketing activities, and Microsoft Tag is a flexible tool that can be used across brand led communications—from advertising to packaging. Consumers simply use mobile applications to scan these codes with the cameras built into their smartphones.

By the end of 2011, over 60% of mobile phone users in the United States will own a smartphone capable of scanning mobile tags.* Microsoft Tag can be used to provide greater interactivity between brands and their customers. They transform static print advertisements and marketing materials into dynamic mobile media. Tags link consumers to helpful product information, promotions, coupons, and more.

A broad range of marketers are using the technology across consumer packaged goods, retail, publishing, automotive, and entertainment.

The multi-colored tags feature a few important innovations on top of the general QR code. Tags can be fully customized to match your brand identity without impacting the scan quality and will remain the same small size, regardless of the amount of data behind them. Tags can be updated with new content at any time, breathing new life into your physical materials and saving your valuable print production dollars. Also, the Tag reader will scan any Tag, reducing any confusion for your customers about which reader to use and making it easy for them to consume your campaign content.

* From Peter A. Mayer Research, “Three Reasons 2D Mobile Tagging Is Ready to Take Off” (PDF)

Benefits and Uses:

Microsoft Tag offers a solution that can drive awareness, provide an opportunity for a consumer to understand a product or service, drive the shopper to a sale, and offer a way to provide customers with high quality service after the purchase. Microsoft Tags offer brands the following opportunities:

  • Cross-Media: Use them anywhere: Print, online, TV, billboards, point-of-sale.
  • Engaging: Simple, intuitive, and interactive Microsoft Tags enable immediate response and deeper engagement from your customers, providing a unique vehicle to influence in-the-moment behavior, drive deeper engagement with your brand, and turn interest into action.
  • In-Depth Reporting: With built-in tracking, metrics and analysis tools, Microsoft Tag gives companies access to campaign data that can help them make effective decisions about their marketing expenditures.
  • Agility: Microsoft Tag’s dynamic technology lets businesses change campaigns at any time, enabling companies to react and evolve in real-time and deliver the most powerful outcomes from their campaigns.
  • Device Recognition: Tag’s backend platform tracks device IDs, so it recognizes the phone type and when the user engages with the Tag. This lets marketers create campaigns targeting specific phones.
  • Availability: The Tag Reader can be used with most mobile platforms, widening the audience that can engage with Tags. The Tag Reader is available for Windows Phone 7, Windows Mobile, iPhone, Android, Blackberry, and J2ME devices.

Reporting and Measurement

One of the most powerful features of  Tag is its robust reporting tool. Updated in near real-time, Tag Reports can show you where and how many times your Tag is being scanned, allowing you to gain valuable insights into how your customers are engaging with your physical materials. You can also group Tags together under a category to measure the full impact of a campaign.

The Heat Map report delivers the rough geographic location of each scan, letting you see how your marketing messaging is resonating around the world:

The suite of Daily Scan reports allows you to view the total number of times a single, or group of tags has been scanned during a set period of time. Gain valuable insights into when your messaging is making an impact and understand the exact moment that your customers are engaging with your brand:

To see how easy it is to create your own Tag, visit today.

Get your free tag reader in your smartphone’s app store by searching for ‘Microsoft Tag,’ or at the URL

For detailed implementation guidelines, visit

For additional information contact Bill McQuain at

For your free download of this report please visit

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