MIT’s 3-D Printer Produces Functional Flute

MIT’s 3-D Printer Produces Functional Flute

The Objet Connex500, the first multi-material 3D printing system is used to reproduce a concert-quality flute.

John Ryan
  • 10 january 2011

The MIT Media Lab used its Objet Connex500 3-D printer to produce an (almost) concert-quality flute. As seen in the video linked below, four pieces of three different hardness are printed simultaneously in a 15-hour process, with the flute’s metal springs added by hand later. A classical musician tests out the printed flute and, aside from a few buggy pad seals and mouthpiece, gives the instrument a good rating for quality. The flute project is to test the printer’s ability to reproduce fine instruments before being used to create fanciful musical instruments never heard or seen before as shown at the end of the video.

MIT Media Lab

Popsci: “MIT Media Lab Prints Out a Sweet-Sounding Flute With a 3-D Printer


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