MySpace Still Attracts Music Lovers With A Contrarian Taste

MySpace Still Attracts Music Lovers With A Contrarian Taste

MySpace, the once largest social network on the web, is in the decline, but still manages to attract a niche user segment.

Naresh Kumar
  • 25 january 2011

With dwindling profits and stagnated user growth, experts may have already started writing obituaries for MySpace, but this News Corp. owned social network still has a loyal user base in the form of music lovers who prefer it to its competitors like Bandcamp.

Notwithstanding its cluttered layout and user-unfriendly navigation, MySpace still manages to attract this niche segment of ‘old school’ people who grew up with it and are still attached to its nostalgia as well as that of the early internet.

The Observer reports:

“It’s kind of like how you have those bands where they’re like, ‘Yeah we’re putting our record out on cassette,'” said Matthew Perpetua, the founder of the music site Fluxblog and a contributor to Pitchfork and Rolling Stone. “It’s that kind of contrarian impulse.”

Much of the MySpace nostalgia is a response to Bandcamp, the glitz to MySpace’s gutter and a necessary part of the equation, just as cassettes and vinyl would have no cachet without the dominance of MP3s. Moreover nobody wants to listen to a band that self-promotes too well.


Observer: “MySpace and the Art of Vintage Internet”

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