Mysterious Edible Art: Marina Abramović’s Dessert

Mysterious Edible Art: Marina Abramović’s Dessert
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Enjoy Marina Abramović’s recent art performance, which is presented in the form of an ephemeral dessert and in true exhibition fashion is only available in New York through March 20.

Kyana Gordon
  • 12 january 2011

Performance artist, Marina Abramović’s latest piece is not part deux of The Artist Is Present, instead her most recent creation is edible. Yes, you are welcome to have a staring match with the mystical dessert presented before you in the form of Volcano Flambé, which the artist explains in the simple statement: “You receive this dessert in front of you and it’s kind of a mystery.” Food is Abramović’s medium, where the palate is treated to a medley of dark chocolate ice cream smothered in meringue, accompanied by gold leaf, and  a dash of spun sugar with chocolate cookie crumbs flambéed with rum. Mmm, eat your art out.

For the admission price of MoMa, one’s mouth can taste this culinary delight prepared by chef, Kevin Lasko, at the season relevant Park Avenue Winter restaurant in New York. It doesn’t stop there. Coupled with this artistic treat is an Mp3 player talk by her and the eccentric recipe booklet, Spirit Cooking designed by Abramović with Jacob Samuels. Like any exhibition, the dessert will only be available thru March 20 and is part of a collaborative artist series Park Avenue Winter has created in conjunction with the nonprofit public arts organization, Creative Time.

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