No Soap Or Shampoo For A Year And Feeling Cleaner

No Soap Or Shampoo For A Year And Feeling Cleaner

Experiments in cutting out personal cleansers leave some wondering what all the stink is about.

John Ryan
  • 6 january 2011

Inspired by Richard Nikoley’s ‘paleolithic’ health blog Free The Animal, guest-blogger for Boing Boing Sean Bonner went a year without soap or shampoo and reports of better skin, hair and body odor:

At the beginning of February 2010 … I didn’t stink at all (confirmed by friends, family and random people I ended up sitting next to on various forms of public transit), my skin felt better, oily and dry patches had all but disappeared and the light dandruff I’d had my entire life was almost gone. I was pleased with the results of my month experiment and decided I’d run with it for a while longer. As of January 1, 2011: it’s been a year now, and I can’t imagine ever going back.

Nikoley and Bonner argue soaps and shampoos disrupt the body’s natural pH regulation and that soap is only really needed for hand-washing. Commenters on their blogs share and discuss their own experiments with reducing soap and shampoo use and note the importance of diet and cultural differences in body odor.

Boing Boing: “I Haven’t Used Soap or Shampoo in a Year and it’s Awesome”

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