Social experiment brings real-time R&D to the filmmaking process.

Pandemic 1.0 is a transmedia storytelling experience that unfolded over the course of 120 hours at the recent Sundance film festival. The participatory filmmaking project united audiences both online and at the event to help stop the spread of a mysterious sleeping sickness that had begun to affect 20 residents, portrayed by actors who provide updates through their own Twitter feeds.

The collaborative, social experiment, engages attendees at a physical control room located at the festival that has been outfitted with interactive Microsoft surfaces and projectors that broadcast the story streams, as well as throughout the proceedings as they search for hidden objects and complete tasks through specially equipped Android smartphones that were seeded into the festival populace. Participants online were able to influence the outcome by following along on Twitter and Facebook, as well as at the project site Hope Is Missing, where their actions unlocked new possibilities on the ground.

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