Personal Accomplishment With Fitango’s Community-Developed Actionplans

Personal Accomplishment With Fitango’s Community-Developed Actionplans

Fitango's community of Actionplans will help users accomplish their personal goals via downloadable step-by-step programs - and will soon accept contributions from the broader community of experts.

Paloma M. Vazquez
  • 28 january 2011

We were recently introduced to Fitango, a social lifestyle platform that helps users complete life goals – including anything ranging from a 17-day detox plan, to completing a 5k, to learning how to act from their higher self. Fitango encourages users to download (and purchase) Actionplans – plans which are broken down into daily steps, and which can be added to your calendar and staged simultaneously with other Actionplans. The key notion behind Fitango and their Actionplan model is that you can accomplish anything by breaking it down into sequential steps, as scientific research has indicated.

In the coming months, Fitango will open their database to a broader community of contributors, allowing them to develop and sell their own Actionplans. We found this aspect to be particularly interesting for anyone in the business of ‘advice’ and professional consultation, given the premium paid for the knowledge of exactly ‘how to’ do…anything. We could theoretically imagine particular brands adding a ‘how to’ complete a 5-day detox using their juices or ingredients, or someone like Timothy Ferriss adding Actionplans from his 4-hour body program into a community like this.

We’ll keep an eye out for Fitango in the near future, and are curious to see whether Fitango’s community of users – and contributors – remains focused on personal goals and ‘self-help’ – or whether it evolves into a narrower area (i.e., fitness & nutrition). We’re also curious to see if data visualization, and tracking of personal goals fits into this model – some collaboration with Daytum feels like a natural fit.


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