Reimagining The Paperclip

Reimagining The Paperclip
Design & Architecture

A playful experiment with 3D printing offers a new spin on the commonplace items of domesticity.

Stephen Fortune
  • 27 january 2011

I.Materialise have demonstrated an interesting application of 3D printing. They have looked at how the print on demand, customisable and scalable features of 3D printing could reinvent ubiquitous household items: the subject of reinvention was the humble paper clip.

The designers note that

the paperclip is a scion of mass production, patented in 1867.  We tried to reimagine this evergreen of manufacturing via the Infinity Clip

The Infinity Clip can be put to a variety of uses, including doubling as a hook and possesses four different directions of articulation. If a bigger or sturdier paper clip is required users can simply print a larger or heavier version of the paperclip as their demands necessitate.


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