Retronaut Cartography App Temporally Traverses London

Retronaut Cartography App Temporally Traverses London

A new augmented reality app lets users explore London through the centuries.

Stephen Fortune
  • 4 january 2011

The Time Travel Explorer app puts the GPS features of iPad and iPhone peripherals to dazzling use to enable users to envision the historical changes to the streets of London. User’s locations are targeted with pinpoint accuracy and they can then watch their cartographic surroundings melt away to the underlying strata of history that once occupied that position.

Corporate headquarters give way to alleys and stable blocks, which in turn revert to fields and orchards as you head back to the earliest map in 1746

There is an ongoing blog operating in tandem with the app which details:

the many interesting stories revealed by the maps in Time Travel Explorer – from pinpointing the locations of London’s lost City gates to uncovering the geographic history of sites connected with Jack the Ripper.

Time Travel Explorer Blog

[Via The Londonist]

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