Roger Marquis Describes How Marketers Can Use Mobile Tagging

Roger Marquis Describes How Marketers Can Use Mobile Tagging

In this extract from PSFK's Future Of Mobile Tagging Report, the founder of 2D Barcode Strategy gives his advice on the use of mobile tags.

Kyle Studstill
  • 12 january 2011

Roger Marquis is founder of 2D Barcode Strategy, a marketing consultancy that focuses on the use and strategy of 2D barcode technology for marketing, advertising and general business purposes. Prior to this, Mr. Marquis has held senior level marketing management positions at leading global organizations within the financial services, technology and publishing industries, and he conceived and managed True Wind, his own travel accessories company. Experienced in all aspects of the marketing mix and knowledgeable about digital and traditional marketing practices, Mr. Marquis is considered a thought leader in the growing mobile tag industry and is known for providing insightful analysis on the subject matter.

  • The use of mobile tags requires companies to ask themselves how to best move customers and prospects from the print/physical world to the digital world, or even from the digital world back out to the physical world. The basic question to ask is how to find new and interesting ways to enhance the overall brand/product/service experience with little or no interruption.
  • Most any content (i.e., URL address, vCard information, location map, video, audio, SMS, phone dial, etc.) can be linked to a tag, regardless of format or platform. What makes content live best on the various platforms is that it is optimized for mobile viewing in general, as well as the particular device that was used to scan that tag. When these issues aren’t considered by the brand or agency, the result is often a less than optimal user experience and/or poor response rates.
  • Tracking is an important feature of mobile tags, so agencies should be thinking about whether to generate and track the tag in-house or through an outside vendor. It’s important to ensure that the scan will resolve to a place that’s been optimized for mobile, and to determine how the creative design elements will be assembled and presented, taking into consideration the tag itself.
  • Mainstream consumers today need some explanation to help understand mobile tags, but it’s important for companies and agencies to do their homework on the details of the core technology as well. There are many facets to tagging technology and its use, so it makes sense to spend some time upfront researching, studying and asking some questions.
  • When companies execute a mobile tag campaign, it’s important that they not lose sight of the fact that the tag merely serves as a tactical element, not the strategy for the entire campaign.

2D Barcode Strategy

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