Seed Sharing Savviness On The Rise

Seed Sharing Savviness On The Rise
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Green community activism and public libraries collaborate to enhance public horticultural literacy and community engagement.

Stephen Fortune
  • 28 january 2011

Richmond Public Library have begun an initiative which ploughs new terrain for the community remit of public libraries. They have opened a seed library, from which members can ‘borrow’ seeds once they have watched an educational introductory video.

As Treehugger reports, the spread of such initiatives to public libraries opens them to

“as broad an audience of would-be gardeners and biodiversity activists as possible”

Richmond Library have created their model in a modular manner which encourages easy distribution

We’ve created the model as one that can be easily replicated by other communities on our “Create a library” page. Since our opening in May 2010, we’ve heard from or about 20 communities that have expressed an interest in opening up seed libraries in their public library.”

Richmond Grows Seed Lending Library

TreeHugger:”Public Library Includes Seed Lending Library (Video)”

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