Solving The Networked Image Stockpile

Solving The Networked Image Stockpile

Software sets photo's to self destruct to prevent digital skeletons from rattling around your future closet.

Stephen Fortune
  • 18 january 2011

German software company X-Pire have posited an interesting solution to the quandary of forgetting in an age where digital archiving and accumulation is the norm. The software targets photo’s which people wish never ended up online for perpetuity.

Before the user posts the photo, he or she drags it into the programme which assigns it an electronic key that is valid for a limited time period.If someone wishes to view that photo later, the server checks whether the photo has “expired” and blocks it from being displayed if its time is up

The software package is a notable attempt to regain control of the privacy of one’s images and their diffusion across the Internet.


[via PetaPixel]

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