StickK: Make Resolutions And Put Money On The Line

StickK: Make Resolutions And Put Money On The Line

An online 'commitment store' that helps you stick to your goals by putting a price on your failure to achieve them.

Naresh Kumar
  • 28 january 2011

Now here’s a novel way to ensure you stick to your resolutions. Commit to a goal, put money on the line and if you don’t achieve it, the money goes to a charity. is an online ‘Commitment Store’ that will help you do just that.

Here’s how it works. You select a time-bound goal and set the stakes on it. Though money is optional, Stickk claims that your chances of success go up by 3 times if you do. You also have to invite an acquaintance who will monitor your efforts and verify to the site that you did indeed reach your goals. And here’s the fun part: if you don’t succeed, the site charges you bank account and sends your money to a friend, a charity of your choice or an organization you hate!

Does this work? A quick glance on shows over 65,000 ‘contracts’ and more than $6 million on the line, so you could try!


[via Business Insider]

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