The Likify Team Describes How Tags Can Be Used To Share Experiences Between Friends

The Likify Team Describes How Tags Can Be Used To Share Experiences Between Friends

In this extract from PSFK's Future Of Mobile Tagging Report, the creators of Likify gives their advice on the use of mobile tags.

Kyle Studstill
  • 14 january 2011

Vincent Jansen and Jesse Wynants are members of Boondoggle Lifelabs, a unique creative playground within the Belgian communication agency Boondoggle. The Lifelabs team invent and develop innovative, original and digital ideas into real-world execution to be used by agencies and advertisers all over the world.

Through Lifelabs Vincent and Jesse have developed Likify, which allows marketers to add mobile tags to products and signage. When people scan these QR codes with their cell phone, it triggers a Facebook ‘like’ on the associated brand’s Facebook page; Nike has been using the codes in Belgium in a campaign to promote their shoes by getting people to “like” different jogging routes.

  • From a marketing point of view it’s becoming very important to get Facebook ‘likes’ from users. Where once upon a time the information valuable to marketers was impressions, email addresses or clickthroughs, the ‘like’ has become the new metric of engagement.
  • People want everything they do to be much more shareable. When they make a purchase, for example, they want people to know in some way. Mobile tags can be the link between these online and offline activities. People should be able to share what they’re doing, by just pointing their phone at something and scanning.
  • Mobile tags give people an easy tool for sharing. If they see something on the street with a tag, they can actually bookmark it or share it instantly with others.
  • When brands think about how to deliver the best experience to people, it’s important to take the approach of giving people something they will want to share with their friends first.
  • People are becoming accustomed to interacting with different kinds of digital rewards and content launched through physical actions, like scanning mobile tags.


Boondoggle LifeLabs

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