How MTV’s Skins Used Social Media To Boost Popularity Ahead Of Actual Broadcast

How MTV’s Skins Used Social Media To Boost Popularity Ahead Of Actual Broadcast

Leveraging the popularity of social media, MTV's reverse marketing campaign for its show, Skins, seems to have been a success.

Naresh Kumar
  • 18 january 2011

After a much hyped up promotion on social media sites, MTV’s teen drama Skins finally debuted in the US this week. By initiating a social media campaign around the series on Facebook, Tumblr and other networks long before it even started airing on TV, the channel has done the reverse of what is usually the norm-establishing a show and then building social media sites about it. The experiment looks very promising; Skins already has over 5 million video streams on the web and close to a million views on its own community site, It has also clocked over 8,000 followers on Twitter and around 36,000 Facebook “likes”, all before it debuted on the small screen. And obviously, MTV is hopeful of converting the show’s popularity on social media into high TV ratings as well. MTV’s social media manager, Tom Fishman, shares the company’s social media campaign:

But in the last year, we’ve been engaging in a two-way conversation with the MTV audience in general, asking what they like and what they don’t like. And this is another facet of that conversation.” Social media has become a full-time customer service job at MTV, Fishman added. “When we dedicated resources to engaging full time and understanding the nuances of what was being said across social media. So rather than just feeding communities and letting it just take off in all directions, with a largely hands off approach, we had people sitting at a desk all day to feed that conversation back to us internally so we could address any issues in a public forum.”

MTV Skins Paid Content: “MTV ‘Skins’ Strategy: Aim For Social Hit First, TV Hit After”

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