The union of luxury, symbolized by the house of Hermès, with the utilitarian canvas tote bag reduces a Birkin to its basic function of a carryall.

Interested in adding your name to a waiting list for a $35 canvas tote bag? Fashionistas, please don't turn your nose up without seeing the merchandise. The bag in question was created by the Los Angeles, California based label, Thursday Friday and is emblazoned on all sides with the image of the much sought-after Hermès Birkin bag. Yes, that handbag – the equivalent of a Rolls-Royce, immediately announcing its owner's status to any passerby. Thanks to a clever concept, extreme luxury is converted into everyday function with this tongue-in-cheek version of a Birkin, thus democratizing the famous bag that only the very privileged can acquire. The novel idea of scanning each surface of the Birkin, then printing the images onto an ordinary canvas tote bag resulted in a humorous, yet eye-catching effect and are so appealing that just like Hermès clients, you must sign up on the waiting list if you are interested in purchasing one.

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