Visualizing Manhattan As A Tetris Board

Visualizing Manhattan As A Tetris Board

Using Google Earth and a GPS, digital artist Tim Clark was able to transform a city into an online version of the popular video game.

Naresh Kumar
  • 28 january 2011

Can a city be used as a stage for an online playground? Digital artist Tim Clark tries to answer this with a new game called Tetrometroes which uses the extensive grid-like road system of Manhattan to create a giant Tetris board. Using just Google Earth and a mobile phone GPS, Clark was able to draw out the puzzle game covering over 700 city blocks, extending to 38 miles.

He describes his project:

The name Tetrometroes derives from tetrominoes, the geometric shapes composed of four squares connected orthogonally that make up Tetris pieces. It is a comment on the mundane uniformity that makes up Manhattan. Unlike older cities New York’s main island lacks the intricacy that allows one to get lost and really experience a city. This makes it seem cold and predictable to many.


[via Eyebeam]

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