What Makes For A Happy Life

What Makes For A Happy Life
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What makes us happy-is it material objects, good health, values or something else? A new documentary explores.

Naresh Kumar
  • 14 january 2011

Filmmaker Roko Belic has made a feature documentary called Happy in which he explores the world in search of answering the most important question of our life-what makes us happy? He travels across 14 countries, meets people from diverse socio-economic backgrounds to listen to their stories and talks to scientists who have been researching happiness, all in a bid to unearth the common factors binding the happiest people on earth.

The movie confirms what most of us already realize, that happiness comes from a sense of connectedness with others. CNN talks to the people behind the documentary to understand what they found happiness comes from:

“Many of the findings confirmed what we had long suspected: that the selfish values we are trained to have in our luxury-hungry culture are not what will lead us to fulfilling and happy lives,” says Belic. according to Shimizu, one of the findings from the movie is that happiness comes from a sense of “connectedness” with something bigger than oneself, such as family, community, religion, nature, ancestry or the universe in general.

“Values are one of the greatest predictors of their happiness. If they prioritize money, power, social status and good looks are less likely to be happy than if they value compassion, cooperation and wanting to make the world a better place,” Belic adds.

“People who spend their money on novel, interesting and engaging experiences like traveling with friends are happier than people who spend their money on purchases relating to their image, such as expensive clothes, luxury cars and homes,” Shimizu says.

“Also, spending money on someone else will boost your happiness more than if you spend it on yourself,” he adds.

Here’s a trailer from the documentary which is slated for release in the spring:

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