Yoostar 2: Karaoke Goes To The Movies

Yoostar 2: Karaoke Goes To The Movies
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Upcoming game release allows fans to act in their favorite films.

Scott Lachut, PSFK Labs
  • 21 january 2011

In an interesting nod to the rampant remix culture on video sharing sites like YouTube that sees fans remaking popular clips and memes with themselves as actors, comes Yoostar 2, an evolution of karaoke culture that allows the audience to replace stars and bit players alike in their favorite movies. The game – available in March for all major platforms – uses tracking technology to capture a person’s voice, image and movements, and then digitally inserts them into scenes from blockbuster movies. Once a scene begins, actors watch themselves onscreen as they are prompted through their lines, creating a brand new scene in real-time.

The gameplay offers multiple modes that allow players to unlock challenges, get instant feedback on their performances and share and rate clips on popular social platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Yoostar 2

[via Entertainment Weekly]


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