3D Vision Without The Glasses: The Mystery Unveiled [Video]


The "revolutionary" 3D system is, in fact, a very creative joke.

Mauricio Soares
  • 23 february 2011


Joke: 3D without glasses

The mystery about this awkward video that intrigued many people last month is finally over, as the guys at Jonathan Post, a small post production company based in São Paulo, reveal that it was all just a joke.

Three months ago, while I was studying visual FX for 3D (stereoscopy), I realized that I have a big genetic problem. Whenever I try to blink only one eye at a time, I can only blink the left one. It doesn’t matter how hard I try, I have no individual control of my right eyelid. But Daniel was born with it. He has great control of his eyelid movements.

We also know that everybody hates 3D glasses, so we came up with this joke/solution.

Francois was doing a film with us at Jonathan Post. His accent and Personality were perfect for the film, We shot everything in 4K resolution, with the sharpest image we could get with the RED camera, with a big help from the photographer Alexandre Ermel.

To make the FX we came up with a simple solution. We created a 3D face, based on image photometry. We used the 3D face to track all his movements. We projected the film on the face, so we ended up with a steady image of the face. It didn’t matter the face was moving, we always had a steady image. After that, Rafa had a painful editing job to loop all of Francois’ eye-blinking. The final step was the addition of a subtle muscle movement, something between a normal blink and a normal wink.”

Watch the “making of” below:

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