Our most recent salon took a deep look at the Future of Real-Time. Here are 5 key ideas that were discussed.

The growing importance of real-time data is crucial for the effectiveness of numerous organizations. While we embarked on our Future Of Real-Time report with the goal to support the United Nations' Global Pulse, the ramifications of trends in this area can benefit numerous entities, especially small businesses, entrepreneurs, and technologists. Last week we held a PSFK SALON at Soho House NY to discuss the future of real-time.

Our panel consisted of Robert Kirkpatrick (of Global Pulse), Adam Leibsohn (of Voyurl), Matt Rosenberg (of Fast Society), Yasser Ansari (of Networked Organisms), and Andrew Hoppin (of Civic Commons). Piers Fawkes and Scott Lachut lead a presentation of our Real-Time Report, which covered real-time data trends that addressed new mapping methods, how people can benefit from the excessive data locked in government entities, and how the democratization of data and spread of mobile technology opens doors to gauge social sentiment and harness insight and technological solutions. To view the full report and presentation, click here.

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