Don't Make Me Steal was born out of a workshop at the Lift11 Conference in early February that featured professionals from various industries discussing how to end piracy the "right way."

It is impossible to ignore the major shift in the distribution of media in the digital era.  However, while things continue to change, in many cases, producers, distributors and exhibitors of content have done more to maintain traditional models rather than adapt to the new digital climate. The dissonance between the existence of new technology that makes content so accessible and an industry that refuses to evolve has most famously lead to the major strains of piracy. Piracy, as perceived by the industry, is the problem of people not wanting to pay for what they are watching. However, many argue that the industry's umbrage towards the epidemic is misplaced and it is simplistic to claim that piracy is mere theft. In fact, many people claim it's a protest by customers in defiance of an industry that refuses to look toward new ways of creating and distributing content.

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