Alternative Ways To Access The Internet

Alternative Ways To Access The Internet

PC World has collected different ways to get net access without relying on state-controlled Internet connections.

Naresh Kumar
  • 8 february 2011

Worried that your country’s government too may shut down the Internet in case of a crisis? Well, help is at hand with this DIY guide from PC World that explains how you can roll up your sleeves and build your own network connectivity to stay in touch with friends, get the latest news and share it with others, all without relying on government-controlled Internet connections. From creating a wireless mesh network and plugging in your old modem for a dial-up connection, to using a ham radio for a temporary network, the geeks across the world have created ingenious ways to keep the communication channels open in the face of a shutdown.

PC World reports:

Given enough time and preparation, your ham radio networks could even be adapted into your own ad-hoc network using Packet Radio, a radio communications protocol that you can use to create simple long-distance wireless networks to transfer text and other messages between computers. Packet Radio is rather slow and not particularly popular (don’t try to stream any videos with this, now), but it’s exactly the kind of networking device that would fly under the radar.

In response to the crisis in Egypt, nerds everywhere have risen to call for new and exciting tools for use in the next government-mandated shutdown. Bre Pettis, founder of the hackerspace NYC Resistor and creator of the Makerbot 3D printer, has called for “Apps for the Appocalypse,” including a quick and easy way to set up chats on a local network so you can talk with your friends and neighbors in an emergency even without access to the Internet. If his comments are any indication, Appocalypse apps may be headed your way soon.

PC World: “Get Internet Access When Your Government Shuts It Down”

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