Lullatone playfully explores a new form of elevator music where each ride is a fun and engaging experience.

Lullatone, a Japan-based “art, music and good ideas group” enjoys making things from music to iPhone apps. The band created the Dropophone iPhone app to encourage fans to make their own minimalist Lullatone-like tunes. Musically they are exploring a new kind of elevator music – the type that evokes hand claps and makes you want to talk to the stranger beside you. Their latest album with the straightforward title, Elevator Music is best explained in the band’s own words:

We’d like to feel like going up and down vertically in a box held up by wires is a magical adventure. But, we’d also like elevator music that sometimes makes you want to get out of the elevator and take a walk outside. Lately most of the elevators in our city don’t play music, so we imagine songs like these when we ride them.

The video below is from a song on the album, Walking on the Sidewalk and has the band having fun with their instruments and everyday objects. See for yourself:

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