Artist Brian Lobel will be filming and selling a minute of your time to strangers.

Starting today, British artist Brian Lobel will be conducting a unique experiment called Carpe Minuta Prima where he will offer £1 to anyone who agrees to film themselves for a minute and grants him exclusive rights to the footage.

Lobel plans to store all the minutes to a DVD and install it in a vending machine at the Brixton Market and sell them each for a pound, metaphorically allowing people to actually have a minute of your time.

He explains his project:

“Carpe Minuta Prima (meaning seize the minute) playfully explores themes of economy, the value of our time and our work, the over-documenting of our lives and what it means to sign away your soul.  Brian says, ”My inspiration for the work actually came from a reflection on illness and what it means to ‘Carpe Diem’. What happens when a life after near-death is not infused with this desire? Why are some charged with ‘Seizing the Day’ while others can go about with their status quo?”

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