Chinese Government Requires Parental Controls For Internet Gaming

Chinese Government Requires Parental Controls For Internet Gaming

Gaming addiction, violence and loss of productivity have led to the crackdown on this "epidemic" among Chinese youth.

Don Michael Acelar De Leon
  • 8 february 2011

The Chinese government has ordered all gaming companies to provide parents with the means to monitor and limit their children’s access to online games. Companies were given until March 1st to comply with the new requirement, seen by the government as a means to counter gaming addiction, which is considered a serious concern in China.

According to the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, children are only supposed to consume less than 2 hours per week and no more than 10 yuan ($1.50) for online gaming. Slashgear reports:

If the loss of productivity and occasional violent fight in an Internet cafe aren’t enough of an issue, the popular response to the “internet addiction” epidemic has been terrifying. Children across China have been sent to “Internet Rehab” camps. Most of these are basically boot camps for children, with a healthy portion of torture thrown in for good measure.

Slashgear: “China Orders Mandatory Parental Monitoring Protocol For Online Games”

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