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Evolution of Type by Andreas Scheiger (Vienna, Austria) A literal (and surgical) “dissection” of typography. [Project Link] PBP Bank by Slotwinski, Marcinkowski, Walczuk (Warsaw, Poland) Inspired by the modernism of the early 50’s, with its clear lines and solid colors, here’s Bank Poland’s new ID. [Project Link] HUELLA ECOLOGICA 2 by Gaby Herbstein (Buenos Aires, Argentina) Photographs straight out of the mind of a child – granted, would have to be a pretty cool child. [Project Link] Lechmere Library by Alan Lu (Los Angeles, CA) This Library “hybrid” combines institutional and consumer space. [Project Link] Pelephone – Canons by Gravity (Tel Aviv, Israel) Highly enjoying this video interpretation of the catchphrase “overseas just got a little closer.” [Project Link]

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