Eco-Friendly Packaging Promotes Gardening

Eco-Friendly Packaging Promotes Gardening
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Ben Huttly's vegetable packaging grows into plants after being discarded.

Naresh Kumar
  • 10 february 2011

Ben Huttly, an art student from the UK, has created a unique and nature-friendly packaging for vegetables. Besides being biodegradable and recyclable, the  paper is also embedded with seeds, so that when discarded, it can grow into plants. Unlike plastic twines used to secure products in supermarkets, Huttly uses natural cotton which again is completely biodegradable, while the packaging labels have been made from a laser cutting machine instead of printing ink.

He says about his project:

My initial intension was to inspire people to start gardening and reduce unnecessary waste by looking at alternative processes and materials. Having researched gardening and environmental issues I felt I somehow needed to bridge these two subjects. Having noticed just how unnecessary supermarket fruit and vegetable packaging has become I decided I would focus my attention on that. Not only is this a growing problem but it bridged the gap between gardening and environmental issues. It brought the question: How can I inspire people to start growing fruit and vegetables at home? Having undertaken various questionnaires and surveys I noticed a very high percentage of people buy their fruit and vegetables from supermarkets. This gave me the idea to show people just how simple it is to grow their own food, using packaging as a method of communication.

Ben Huttly

[via Lovely Package]

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