Exploring Memory And Perception Through Flickr

Exploring Memory And Perception Through Flickr

German artist Matthias Dörfelt uses openFrameworks and images from the photo sharing service to create a remarkable installation.

Naresh Kumar
  • 16 february 2011

German artist Matthias Dörfelt has created a unique installation called Selective Memory Theatre that takes the latest images from flickr and distorts and blends them to portray two projections simultaneously, memory and perception. The application was created in openFrameworks and runs both the projections on different macs that communicate through a small Protocol.

In his own words:

The installation consists of two projections, the perception and the memory layer. Both shell be explained in what follows.
The perception layer represents the sensory memory before any priorities have been chosen. It receives the newest images from flickr ( which get distorted, mixed and blended to persuade some sort of sensory noise.

The memory layer is a metaphor for the short- and long-term memory. It is the place where existing memories can be activated by new perceptions and thus be called to mind.
The perception layer asks the memory layer for each new image if it is similar to allready existing memories. This happens based on the tags the flickr images are provided with.

If a relevant image is found, it gets focused in the perception layer so that it stands out. At the same time the most similar memory gets activated inside the memory layer. Both images get into a dialogue representing the connection of the new perception and the old memory.

Watch a video below:

Selective Memory Theatre from moka on Vimeo.

Matthias Dörfelt

[via Creative Applications]

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