Extruder: 429,674 Play-Doh Cars [Pics]

Extruder: 429,674 Play-Doh Cars [Pics]
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Fernando Orellana's artwork examines our relationship with the automobile.

Timothy Ryan, PSFK Labs
  • 25 february 2011

Fernando Orellana’s Extruder is a response to the evolution of the automobile from an item of luxury to an inseparable appendage of modern life. In the work, Play-Doh cars are encased in a clear epoxy and hung on wooden panels in correspondence to the production line numbers for Ford motor company, at the time of Henry Ford’s death. In equal parts celebration and condemnation, the artist challenges our reliance on the machines, effectively removing ourselves from the driver’s seat in the relationship.

In the artist’s words:

I developed Extruder as a response to this machine that we worship. I wanted to celebrate it. Criticize it. Emulate it. Making hundreds of Play-Doh cars. Millions. The ultimate goal of Extruder is to make the total number of automobiles that were made in 1947 (the year Henry Ford died) by the Ford motor company, an estimated 429,674. The process will continue until the total number is reached.

We covered Fernando earlier in the week for his project investigating the integration of robotic technology into our lives called Sleep Waking.



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