First Look: Karsan NYC Taxi Of Tomorrow Concept

First Look: Karsan NYC Taxi Of Tomorrow Concept
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Turkish-based Karsan debut the V1 taxi concept model which they hope will win a competition to become the next NYC taxi.

Dave Pinter, PSFK
  • 2 february 2011

PSFK visited the Classic Car Club in Manhattan today to see the debut of Karsan’s NYC taxi concept model. Called the V1, it is a finalist in New York City’s Taxi of Tomorrow competition. Karsan started with a blank sheet of paper when designing the V1. They took inspiration from the iconic Checker cab which were unique to New York. Nissan and Ford have submitted taxi adaptations of vehicles currently in production.

The V1’s functional interior design is really the most clever part of the concept. Karsan have developed an automated ramp system which can be deployed on either side of the vehicle for wheelchair access. The spacious interior was created to allow wheelchairs easy access without reconfiguring any of the seats. This open area serves double duty as a place to store packages and luggage. The floor was designed to be flat so there are no humps to climb over when getting in or out of the cab.

The exterior design looks very minivan like with a swoopy glass roof and windshield. Replacing the current illuminated taxi sign, the V1 has a digital sign which provides information on availability and which side passengers are exiting from.



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