The band's unique project allows users to experience "lo-fi symphonic joy" and become part of the performance.

Recently, American rock band Flaming Lips have split apart a song which can only be heard in its entirety when streamed alongside YouTube videos played on twelve individual smartphones.

The track ‘Two Blobs F**king' is the latest chapter in the group's ‘audio experiments' which have included the ‘Parking Lot Experiments‘, and ‘The Boombox Experiments‘.

The unique experiment was aimed at taking their music to the mobile-generation;

Imagine the lo-fi symphonic joy that you, along with family, friends, pets, and others, will create at the touch of a button. The more devices, the more harmonic possibilities can be constructed. You and your device, at one with the music, become the orchestra, just as the Gods of Technology naturally intended it to be.

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