Fog As An Interactive Design Element [Video]

Fog As An Interactive Design Element [Video]
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An interactive environment renders visitors in different colors and mimics the "pea soup fog" of London.

Don Michael Acelar De Leon
  • 8 february 2011

“Peasuper” is an interactive and immersive artistic environment created by UK-based Jason Bruges Studio for the exclusive use of the Yota Space Digital Art Exhibition in St. Petersburg, Russia. The images of its visitors are rendered in four fog-filled transparent tanks lining the center of the space in varying colors. Design Boom further describes the innovative environment:

The fog not only creates an ethereal, distorted silhouette but also generates a more three-dimensional impression of the images.  The effect suggests the experience of wandering through the ‘pea soup fog’ of London, encountering through the cloudy air the broken lightbeams and blurry visages of passers-by.

jason bruges: peasouper from designboom on Vimeo.

Jason Bruges Studio

[via Design Boom]


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