From Ideas To Execution

From Ideas To Execution

Inc. offers some constructive actions for entrepreneurs to execute their great ideas.

Paloma M. Vazquez
  • 22 february 2011

The role (and value) of ideas vs. execution continues to be a frequent topic of conversation at a time when demonstrating utility, proof of concept and potential returns are increasingly demanded – and expected. From entrepreneurs to creative minds to anyone working in and with knowledge capital – we’re expected to demonstrate potential and produce earlier and more quickly than ever. Many argue that execution is more important and valuable than the idea itself.

An article in Inc. offers some constructive advice for entrepreneurs on how to execute their great ideas. While the full article is worth the read, we’ve pulled and surmised some of the key suggestions. While there are likely as many different potential paths to executing a good ideas as there are good ideas, we appreciate these ideas for their constructive nature – applying some discipline and loose structure to the process of creativity and ideation can only contribute to a more well-thought out idea – that is likelier to be ‘bought’.

  • Write your ideas down. Sort them, organize them, prioritize them against what you’re trying to achieve. Pick one, apply the below.
  • Explore the concept from various angles; ask ‘what if’ questions, and see what scenarios you end up with. It will allow you to exercise creativity and identify some potential next steps.
  • Compare your ideas & strategies to your longer-term vision. For a new idea to be able to take root, there should be synergy between the two.
  • Apply a SWOT analysis. Can some of the weaknesses become opportunities, or be eliminated? Explore the implications of each item you identified in this analysis, and what your actions you’ll need to take to maximize your opportunities and address your potential weaknesses.
  • Get some perspective on current and emerging trends. Consider if your idea is relevant within the current landscape – and if it has a chance of staying so.
  • Brainstorm. Especially if you’re a solo entrepreneur – seek out and consider others’ perspective – you’ll always have/need an audience for your ideas to come to life.

Inc.: “How To Execute Great Ideas”

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