Gramophone-Shaped Analog Speaker For The iPhone

Gramophone-Shaped Analog Speaker For The iPhone

The ArkCanary II amplifies the iPhone's existing speaker using archaic technology.

Naresh Kumar
  • 11 february 2011

The ArkCanary II is a simple analog acoustic speaker for the iPhone that uses a gramophone-like shape to amplify the phone’s existing speaker. The creators are currently looking for funds via Kickstarter and is expected to retail at $13 when it comes out.

They explain:

We, at HaA Design, started this project by simply playing around with different materials.

With our core business being devoted to the designing of technically sound mobile products, our hunger for playful and imaginative exploration has been left unmet. By stepping away from our computers and exploring various materials (paper, foam, etc…), we tested our concepts on their ability to amplify sound from the iPhone 4. We were amazed by the wide range of amplification properties of everyday found materials! By simply comparing our findings from the simple mock ups and then simulating their forms in 3D, we were able to yield an undeniably functional and fun accessory.

ArkCanary II

[via Dvice]

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