Green Beer: Inventor Recycles Brewery Waste Into Fuel

Green Beer: Inventor Recycles Brewery Waste Into Fuel

Eric Fitch of Purpose Energy has invented a method to extract power from brewery waste.

Kyana Gordon
  • 15 february 2011

Eric Fitch, an MIT graduate has created a method to extract power from brewery waste, including used hops, barley and yeast, to create natural gas that can power the brewery itself. Fitch is CEO of PurposeEnergy, a renewable energy startup company whose lone product is the biphase orbicular bioreactor which produces 200 cubic feet of biogas per minute. Currently, Magic Hat, a small Vermont based brewer applies the cost effective technology with a $4 million structure – shaving $2 off costs per barrel brewed. The 42-foot tall anaerobic methane digester, installed last summer, extracts energy from what is left over from the brewing process, and it also processes the plant’s wastewater. This sustainable solution reduces the brewery’s carbon footprint and saves the brewer on waste disposal and natural gas purchasing. Fitch, whose company’s slogan is “Saving the earth, one beer at a time” hopes to be in large breweries throughout the world.


[via The Boston Globe]

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