Lessons From AirBnB’s Brian Chesky

Lessons From AirBnB’s Brian Chesky

The CEO shares some of what he has learned en route to becoming a successful entrepreneur.

Timothy Ryan, PSFK Labs
  • 23 february 2011

AirBnB is a San Francisco start-up that connects room-renters and room-seekers seamlessly, allowing anyone to turn their home into a bed and breakfast. Brian Chesky and his Co-Founder Joe Gebbia agreed that there was a market for travelers looking for an authentic alternative to staying in a hotel. The service aspires to help renters immerse themselves in another culture, and remove some of the formalities and frustrations associated with staying in a hotel.

Here is some recent advice Brian Chesky gave for entrepreneurs:

  • Conventional wisdom is overrated.
  • Being broke brings an incredible amount of discipline and focus.
  • What your company does in its childhood has a big impact on its future.
  • In solving your own problems, you solve problems for other people, and through this, an opportunity often arises.

We are also excited to announce that Joe Gebbia will be joining us as a speaker at our PSFK Conference NYC 2011


Giga OM: “What Every Startup Can Learn From AirBnB”

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